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JRZ Homes Xtreme Art

Our Xtreme Turnaround clients may have stepped out on the wrong foot at times but our Youth Worker, Terri, has certainly started to steer them back in the right direction. JRZ Homes also jumped on board to help build confidence, skills and a creative outlet for the young participants.

Jesse Zielke, JRZ Homes director, has a passion for helping his community and offered a blank canvas for art expression. “Just trying to help where we can,” he said. “Local street artist Jamie Kirby of Ispray helped run a workshop to show them a better, legal way to express themselves with spray paint. They created a large mural on our new display home. We are very excited,” said Jesse.

Terri is also really excited to see her participants get a chance to develop skills. “We are thrilled to team up with Jesse,” she said. “Our clients can have multiple barriers and social conflicts but this is a chance to gain some work experience and develop relationships with local builders. Some of the group have expressed an interest in working as apprentices. Five of our current construction students are participating in work experience. Four are working with tradesmen and one in the office,” Terri said.

Jesse has opened up opportunities that would otherwise not be made available to the local youth. Robbie, an Xtreme Turnabout participant really enjoyed working on the project. “We are so thankful to Jesse for giving us a chance, this is life-changing,” Robbie said. The final artwork depicts Jesse’s generosity and support.

The Xtreme Turnabout — Youth Skills program aims to work with youth between 15 and 19 years old for up to 12 months and since it commenced in December 2015 we are seeing many positive changes in their lives.