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IMPACT Community Services calls for increased funding and focus on non-clinical mental health support

According to recent reports, individuals in mental health crises endure waits of up to 12 hours in emergency department waiting rooms. Many are then turned away due to bed shortages, leaving them without the crucial support they desperately require, when they need it most. Furthermore, extensive waiting lists for external mental health services exacerbate the problem, with dedicated specialists unable to accommodate everyone in need of critical assistance.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Unlocking the power of time

This journey of balancing time assets and time debts has taught me a valuable lesson: time is the most precious resource we possess. Every decision we make either invests in our future or incurs a debt we must repay. By consciously choosing to invest in time assets, we can create a life filled with meaningful experiences, personal growth, and deep connections.

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From Bundaberg to Berlin: Bruce set to shine on world Special Olympics stage

Bundaberg man Bruce Gossner will travel to Berlin next month to represent Australia at the Special Olympics World Summer Games as part of the country’s athletics team. Bruce's impressive journey to the World Games has been underway for some time, qualifying for the Australian team last October at the National Championships in Launceston. He will […]

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Follow IMPACT Training's Facebook page and share a post for your chance to win

In celebration of the 2023 Bundaberg Careers Expo, IMPACT Community Services is encouraging Bundaberg residents to stay up to date with upskilling and training opportunities by following our Facebook page ‘Training Bundaberg – Impact Community Services' for the opportunity to win a $50 WISH voucher (valid at a wide range of shops including Woolworths & […]

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Embracing the Pareto Principle in Relationships

Who are the 20% of people who give you the most joy in your life? The people who love you unconditionally and do not expect anything in return. Is there an opportunity to schedule some time in with them this month?

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Stay humble, work hard, be kind

"STRONGER TOGETHER" is a weekly column where Tanya explores key issues. This week Tanya discusses her words of inspiration - stay humble, work hard, being kind. By IMPACT Community Services Managing Director Tanya O'Shea Stay humble, work hard, be kind. Some words of inspiration that I found inscribed on a plaque that I bought in a $2 […]

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Honouring mothers every day

Mothers are leaders, educators, mentors, and role models. They are essential contributors to our community and society as a whole. A mother’s role is an important one, nurturing and supporting, creating values within young people that will guide and support their future choices.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Holding things tightly, holding things lightly

Have you ever held onto an idea, goal, or belief so tightly that you’ve lost sight of the big picture? Enter the concept of holding things tightly, holding things lightly.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Freeing ourselves from the opinions of others

As human beings, it’s natural to care about what others think of us. We all want to be liked, accepted and respected, but sometimes we place too much weight on the opinions of others, and it can be easy to get caught up in the idea that other people’s opinions define us.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Fostering learning and connection through board games

In an era where many of us spend a significant amount of time online or interacting through screens, Scrabble and other board games can be a powerful alternative for forming real human connections.

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Pop Up Care Clinic "resounding success"

IMPACT Community Health Service Practice Manager Pamela Mackie said the Pop Up Care Clinic was a “resounding success” and was overwhelmed by the support from the community and the positive feedback from those treated.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Keeping the holiday vibe

What do you need to do to create your own holiday vibe? Perhaps it is planning regular weekend activities, scheduling time with friends or creating new routines that are aligned to your goals or values. Maybe it is doing some research to find out what is available in your local area.

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Pop Up Care Clinic to run over Easter long weekend in Agnes Water

“Residents and visitors to our beautiful region will be able to seek treatment for issues such as possible sprains or broken bones, cuts requiring stitches, minor ear or eye problems, burns and scalds and minor illnesses such as fever, infections and rashes.”

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Appreciating our differences

Entering a room filled with people you don’t know is one thing. Entering a room filled with people you don’t know and believing you have nothing in common with them can leave you filled with next level anxiety.

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Community Visitors Scheme is music to Rob and Anita's ears

Anita brought music back into Rob’s life, playing the keyboard and singing with him as well as sharing morning teas, playing Scrabble and helping with whatever she could.

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