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Make your donation count - keep it local.

Did you know IMPACT supports more than 4,500 people each year who access support services such as parenting, youth, disability, mental health, homelessness, training and employment? We support people in our region who are experiencing disadvantage. Many may just need simple reassurance, a few basic life skills and connection to their community; some need a full support package and a helping hand, but either way we're here to help people transform their lives.

But did you also know IMPACT is a not-for-profit, and we have been since 1978? And during this time we have never sought funds from our community. So, why not make your donation count by keeping it local, supporting your community, and helping those who need it most.

IMPACT Community Services is a registered charity, so all donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued. Your support is greatly appreciated and a welcome contribution. Next time you walk down the street, you might just pass someone you've helped through us.

Donations are not just money. IMPACT's Street Outreach service regularly works with volunteers, community members and organisations to provide vital support to the disadvantaged by way of food, clothing, toiletries and street swags. If you are looking for a worthy cause to donate such things to, we will make sure it makes a difference on the street.