Don't get lazy in lockdown: New health initiative on its way

Last updated: 05/05/2020

Don't get lazy in lockdown: New health initiative on its way

Usually IMPACT Community Health Services’ clients are used to seeing Fiona Glover running the popular Up and Active classes held weekly in the townships of the Discovery Coast.

As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, unfortunately those group activities are on a temporary hiatus.

But while Fiona has spent recent weeks busily helping support our 2020 FLUVAX Clinic, where she has been undertaking pre-screening prior to clinic attendance; she has also been working on a new web-based program for her Up and Active participants.

Don't get lazy in lockdown: New health initiative on its way

“Engage in U” is set to be rolled out in coming days.

This new health-focused initiative will see Fiona team up with IMPACT's dietician Marina Chang as they share their engaging take on how people can remain healthy even in lockdown.

Those who know Fiona appreciate she is a powerhouse of fun and fitness.

She believes that now it is more important than ever to look after ourselves.

“Our aim is to get people moving,” Fiona said. “We've become soft and lazy in these lockdowns!”

'Up and Active' is an exercise program aimed at 50s and over for people in the Discovery Coast region. It consisted of low- to medium intensity exercise for strength and balance and cardio for health. It was also a great opportunity for social contact.

“But when the coronavirus restrictions came into play we had to suspend the classes and try to come up with something that would fill the gap,” Fiona said.

And that's where 'Engage in U' was born.

"'Engage in U' is a way to distribute information to get people moving and to stay healthy while we are all in lock-down,” Fiona said.

“There will be exercise info and suggestions, dietary and nutritional advice, like leftover recipes and how to get the best out of what's in your fridge.”

There will be some good links to exercise videos, with most of the fitness content generated by Fiona.

“It's for everybody, but it's also a good way to keep in touch with all our 'Up and Active' clients,” said Fiona.

“I've been in contact with 25 to 30 of them just today and they are all missing the engagement with each other and the exercise.”

'Engage in U' will be shared on the IMPACT Community Health Service – Discovery Coast's Facebook page and also the IMPACT Community Services page.

We are confident that when the restrictions are eased, 'Up and Active' will be up and running again. But in the meantime, we encourage everyone to 'Engage in U'!

For more information about IMPACT Community Health Services call 4902 2000.

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