EXPLAINED: How to work on your employability skills while stuck at home

Last updated: 20/04/2020

EXPLAINED: How to work on your employability skills while stuck at home

A team leader at IMPACT Community Services who supports young people who are out of work has shared her key messages to help those struggling through COVID-19.

IMPACT’s Transition to Work Leader Laura Bray said there was a range of things people could do to work on their employability skills at home.

EXPLAINED: How to work on your employability skills while stuck at home

Ms Bray and her team support young people aged between 15 and 24 on their journey to employment.

“We are currently using phone calls, text messages, and emails to stay in touch,” Ms Bray said.

She encouraged people to stay connected, work on their skills at home and consider an online course.

She broke down the things people could do from home into six key areas.

Problem solving (the ability to face obstacles and overcome challenges)

  • Do a puzzle/paint by numbers
  • Do a crossword/find-a-word
  • Create a scavenger hunt for your family – or ask your parents to create one for you so you can solve it!

Written and oral communication

  • Writing: Write a short story – the more creative and wacky the better
  • Write a rap/rhyme or alliteration on the Coronavirus – think Daniel Radcliffe Alphabet Alliteration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKdV5FvXLuI – from 1 minute 13 seconds
  • Start a blog about living life through the phase of ‘The Rona’
  • Oral: Selfie video on your interests – you don’t need to send it anywhere – just practice how you speak ‘in public’
  • Face time an appointment with your youth coach
  • Read a book out loud, putting expression into spoken words

Technology: Sometimes the use of new technology can make or break a business. Millennials are born for this era

  • Try out different online platforms for communicating with friends and family
  • Are there any apps out there that you could share with us that make your life easier?

Collaboration: This converts to teamwork in a business. Harmony and a strengths based team relationship is so important to the success of a business.

  • Clean the house/mow the lawn for your parents
  • Play a board game (just not Monopoly – take everyone else down, we say!)

Organisation: the ability to manage tasks; the use of mental capacity, space and resources. Being self-motivated and focused

  • Do an exercise class live or with an app to motivate your body into action each morning (or night)
  • De-clutter the pantry. Unless you are OCD, your pantry probably looks a mess
  • Go through your wardrobe and throw out all the old pieces you don’t wear anymore, or donate to a second-hand store

Ms Bray also said now was a good time to consider an online course.

“There are so many opportunities to increase your education now with RTOs offering courses online,” she said.

“Talk to us about how to enroll if you need help.

“We do cover the cost of most courses and offer support the whole way through so you never feel like you can’t do it by yourself.”

For more information call Transition to Work on 0429 232 653.

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