IMPACT embraces innovative approach to help jobseekers, employers

Last updated: 02/04/2020

IMPACT embraces innovative approach to help jobseekers, employers

IMPACT Community Services is embracing an innovative approach to finding solutions for those in need during these challenging COVID-19 times. 

IMPACT’s General Manager of Innovation Nathan Spruce said the organisation was adapting daily to the changing conditions.

IMPACT delivers a diverse variety of programs and services in the Bundaberg and Burnett regions to help people Live, Grow and Prosper. 

IMPACT embraces innovative approach to help jobseekers, employers

“We are facing intense challenges like many other businesses in Bundaberg, but we feel it's essential to assure all those many people who rely on us that we are still here and working hard to adapt to these new and rapidly changing circumstances,” Mr Spruce said. 

He said the organisation had three main priorities: 

1. The safety of staff and clients by limiting their exposure to possible sources of the virus; 

2. The continued delivery of services to the many people who depend on IMPACT for support, and the adaptation of service delivery to remain operational; and 

3. Making sure IMPACT can emerge strong on the other side of this crisis. 

“We are ensuring that last priority by establishing and developing an action team,” Mr Spruce said. 

“We hold daily meetings and review everything we've done and how we can do better and make sure we continue to look after our staff, our clients and the wider community.” 

He said an example of IMPACT’s innovative philosophy was in the support it could offer local employers and jobseekers. 

“The coronavirus means there are immense challenges for local employers and we want to assist them in any way we can,” Mr Spruce said. 

“If they need assistance in trying to fill positions we very much want to help them with that. 

“If they get in touch with us, we can assist them. 

“We also want to help jobseekers by sharing a resource that IMPACT clients have been able to make use of in preparing their resumes for potential employees. 

“JobFit is a program that analyses a resume in relation to an advertised position or position description and rates it according to the requirements of the job. 

“Is the resume a good match for the position? This program will help you make sure it is. “We'd like to make that available to the wider community.” 

He said many jobseekers had not had a resource like this to rate their CVs. 

“We think it would be very valuable and we want to make sure the Bundaberg community has access to it,” Mr Spruce said. 

“It's important to us that our clients and the community know that we are not going anywhere and, while the current social conditions have given us a few challenges to work with, that we are adapting daily to the changing conditions.”  

If you want support call IMPACT on 4153 4233 or for jobseekers call 1800 562 228.

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