IMPACT supports Jenna on journey into leadership

Last updated: 16/01/2020

IMPACT supports Jenna on journey into leadership

JENNA Williams has been supported every step of the way on her journey to leadership at IMPACT Community Services.

IMPACT has a rich history of growing its own workforce and Jenna is the latest in a long line to benefit from the organisation’s approach of embracing on-the-job professional development.

Jenna, 33, joined IMPACT’s finance team in 2017.

Since then she has worked hard to upskill and in October, 2018, she took on the team leadership position.

Last year Jenna was selected by IMPACT management for a Foundation of Intentional Leadership program, run through the Institute of Mangers and Leaders.

Jenna said she nominated for the program because she wanted “to be the best I could for the team to help them succeed”.

She said the 12-week program, which involved workshops in Brisbane and regular coaching sessions, armed her with the tools she needed to lead others.

IMPACT has also helped Jenna by financially contributing to her further studies in the accounting field.

“I’ve never worked for an organisation that cares so much about its staff as IMPACT,” Jenna said.

“When it comes to professional development, they really are invested.”

Jenna, a mum to seven-year-old Owen, said her journey into the world of finance wasn’t what she’d initially envisaged.

After completing her studies at Bundaberg North State High School, she moved to Brisbane and “having always been better at English than maths” put in place a plan to go to university to one day become a drama teacher.

But that pathway wasn’t for her.

Jenna’s career took off on a different trajectory after she landed a role at IMPACT.

She’d done some finance work at a previous job which helped get a foot in the door.

“I’ve really enjoyed the on-the-job learning,” said Jenna, who is a Zumba instructor outside of work.

“I didn’t think I’d end up where I am, but I love the role and we’ve got a really good team where everyone gets along and we all pitch in to help each other.”

She said the organisation’s leadership set a positive environment.

IMPACT’S chief executive Tanya O’Shea and many senior staff have all risen through the ranks.

“The management here focuses on developing staff,” Jenna said.

“I would recommend working at IMPACT to anyone.”

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