Initiative won TtW participant Liliana her dream job

Last updated: 04/03/2021

Initiative won TtW participant Liliana her dream job

Liliana Harris was completing a hospitality course and trying to gain employment when she became involved with IMPACT’s Transition to Work program.

She said she had tried applying for jobs in the industry however wasn’t having much luck.

Initiative won TtW participant Liliana her dream jobLiliana found the experience rather stressful and decided it was time to explore her career options and delve deeper into what she really wanted to do.

“I decided I wanted to find a job I could do from home,” she said.

“I searched from graphic design to social media and called every place I could find in the phone book that had anything to do with online work.

“I came across Catalyst Directions, phoned them and said I was looking for an apprenticeship or just a job.”

She was told that they would see what they could do.

“It took about a month until they called me back and said, ‘come in on Monday’,” she said.

Her initial interview was very relaxed and ended with a two-day trial.

Now Liliana has been working for Catalyst Directions for six months.

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Transition to Work participant impressed employer from the beginning

Liliana’s manager Andy McLucas said she had done a fantastic job over those six months of her employment.

“She has shown great initiative to not only learn the stuff that’s been put in front of her but just going above and beyond in different areas,” he said.

“She has come up with some ideas that we wouldn’t have thought of, so it’s really cool to have a young, energetic person on the team; she’s done great.”

Andy said while Liliana didn’t have any official qualifications, her willingness to want to be in the industry had shone through.

“That was enough for us to take a chance, she smashed her two-day trial and then we offered her a job the next week,” he said.

“You have to have fairly broad shoulders and take constructive criticism quite well as a designer and being in this industry, and she’s excellent at it.”

Be determined in your employment journey

Liliana said her advice to other young job seekers was to be more goal oriented.

“There were times I was wanting to go down other avenues, but I’d be offered roles in hospitality,” Liliana said.

“But I knew that I didn’t just want any job, I wanted a specific type of job.”

She said while hospitality didn’t end up being her dream, she learnt key work and people skills along the way.

“I came across difficult people… and it helped me learn how to deal with that,” Liliana said.

She was able to develop resilience and knew that even on the hard days, her journey was worth pursuing.

“I’m really proud that I did the hospitality course because I came in a month late but ended up being the first to finish,” she said. “And that was amazing.”

TJ is ready to help you find a job with TtW

Liliana said her Youth Coach Sam provided invaluable support throughout her job seeking experience.

“Just having her there to hear that the small steps I was making were still amazing really meant a lot,” she said.

“She was so supportive and would encourage me to keep at it even when I wanted to give up.”

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