On-the-job training a focus for TtW Youth Coach Shayne

Last updated: 09/08/2020

On-the-job training a focus for TtW Youth Coach Shayne

10 August 2020

IMPACT Community Services' Transition to Work team has a new member who is ready to hit the ground running and help Bundaberg's youth find their path to employment.

Shayne Scanlan has a background in the community services sector that has perfectly prepared him for helping Bundaberg's youth transition into work. Transition to Work is IMPACT Community Services' employment support program for young people aged 15 – 24.

“I've worked extensively in the homeless services sector in crisis accommodation,” Shayne said.

Would you like extra support on your journey to employment? Phone IMPACT's TtW team today.

This gives him a unique insight into some of the problems facing Bundaberg’s youth. He has also completed a community services diploma, an arts degree with a major in Indigenous Studies and worked 21 years as a chef.

Shayne starts a new chapter in TtW 

Shayne's move to employment services is because he believes finding work is the solution for many problems facing disengaged youth.

“My experience in crisis accommodation highlighted for me the generational effect of long-term income support,” Shayne said. “In some cases you see a third generation who've never seen family members work. It has a debilitating effect and can derail a youth’s efforts to look for work.”

Shayne will focus on building a rapport with a jobseeker and then developing their self-esteem, and is keen to strengthen the local network of employers and job seekers.

“Very often young people have to move away to get work, which breaks up families,” Shayne said. “It's not fair.”

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Shayne is keen to work with students in schools and he is also eager to talk to employers to organise apprenticeships and internships.

Shayne's focus on apprenticeships and internships

“Internships as a genuine bridge to employment are growing in Australia, a great way to get a foot in the door,” he said.

“If the internship doesn't result in a permanent job, even a glowing reference from a valued employer carries a lot of weight and can open doors to employment.”

Shayne is the fifth member of the expanding Transition to Work team that also recently added Katie Owen as a youth coach. Transition to Work Team Leader Laura Bray is looking forward to all the good work that her fresh new team can do.

"Bringing Shayne in as the fourth Youth Coach brings a positive dynamic to the team,” she said.

“Shayne brings a wealth of experience with him in community services which we can draw on to enhance our service delivery for young people. I have no doubt Shayne’s ability to connect with his new caseload will ensure our service continues to flourish and his participants enjoy his style of mentoring and coaching."

If you would like to talk to Shayne or any of the dedicated youth coaches call 0429 232 653.

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