Queensland Women's Week: Introducing IMPACT's Board Chair

Last updated: 10/03/2021

Queensland Women's Week: Introducing IMPACT's Board Chair


To celebrate the event, which runs over 11 days from March 3 to 14, we will be sharing a series of Q&A stories with some of our exceptional female staff from across the organisation.

Introducing Leanne Rudd, Bundaberg businesswoman and Board Chair at IMPACT Community Services.

Queensland Women's Week: Introducing IMPACT's Board Chair

What is your role at IMPACT, why do you enjoy the work you do, and what drives you to be the best you can at your role?

I am the Chair of the Board of Directors at Impact. The Boards’ role is to provide strategic direction for the future of the organisation. It is a voluntary position. I am passionate about being part of our local community and helping people. IMAPCT is really community focussed and helps so many people. I love working with a great team of caring and highly skilled people who are passionate about what they do. The IMPACT team provide a variety of programs to support our local community. I am energised when hearing about the amazing outcomes from the work IMPACT does. I get to advocate about this great organisation and  I feel in some small way that I can support a great team of people and see the organisation grow in a variety of ways.

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Who is the woman (can be more than one) who has inspired you most in your life?

There has been no one individual woman that has inspired me. I have been inspired by many amazing women.

What are their exceptional qualities?

I have been inspired by their determination and never give up attitude. They understand that sometimes sacrifices need to be made but they are not afraid to speak up for what they believe in which takes them out of their comfort zone. They empower and support other women.  

Do you have a personal anecdote about them?

It would have to be their “self-reflection” - They are happy to have a laugh at themselves.

What is your message to young women today who are trying to make their mark?

Embrace who you are and be truly authentic in everything you do. Be really clear on the outcome that you are seeking and make steps each day to reach your goals. Make sure your environment is set up to make positive choices. We all have life experiences we need to deal with but have confidence to ask for support to problem solve and make change. Life is too short to “sweat the small stuff” – just get over yourself.

Queensland Women's Week: A Q&A Series

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