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Surprising Stories

New Kid on the Block


It’s never easy being the new kid on the block. If you’ve experienced moving during your life, whether it be moving schools, moving towns or moving states, you will know how hard it can be to put yourself out there, make new friends and find new work.

Since Simon moved to Bundaberg from New Zealand last year, he was struggling in many ways. He was struggling to find work, he didn’t have a licence and knew very few people. After being unemployed for four months, Simon made the decision to get further support to help him get back on his feet.

Simon was interested in obtaining a trade and was soon found on a job search forum looking for work. After finding out about the Transition to Work (TtW) program, Simon joined up to get the help he needed to find work. TtW went through the Interview Do’s & Don’t’s, confidence, as well as supported him financially to obtain his White Card, driving lessons and driver's licence.

His previous experience as a labourer gave him an advantage against other job seekers. Through the relationships Transition to Work has with local employers, Simon was able to not only find an employer, but was able to sign up for an apprenticeship within the tiling industry. He has since become financially independent and his confidence has skyrocketed. Simon is overall very happy with his life currently and is more determined than ever to complete his apprenticeship.

From this case, TtW learnt that sometimes the client already has all the skills required to get work, and what they need most is someone believing in them. After the employer took a chance on Simon, his opportunities opened up and his disposition towards work, life and friends changed entirely. Simon credits the team at TtW for his happiness. He now has a great circle of friends at work and this has impacted his mood for the better.

Stepping Out With Confidence

Finding a job, preparing a resume, meeting employers, and facing up for an interview can be very stressful for many jobseekers, but thanks to a partnership between Riquita’s Hair Studio and the employment team at IMPACT Community Services they are now able to step out with confidence. Riquita’s Hair Studio owner Matt Ashby believes everyone deserves the chance to make a great first impression at a job interview and a haircut is a good start.

“As a local employer I know how important presentation is when arriving for a job interview. I talked to the employment services at IMPACT and we worked on a unique way to have jobseekers looking their best. Riquita’s has allocated a website page specifically for IMPACT so the employment consultants can book their jobseekers in straight away if need be,” Mr Ashby said. “Riquita’s staff love making people feel their best and they consistently work with a diverse range of people, new customers are always welcome too.”

IMPACT’s Transition to Work team leader Laura Bray said it’s the little things that count when preparing jobseekers for employment. “Addressing our participant’s presentation is an important part of our service,” she said. “By assisting with appearance, which for us can include obtaining the right clothing, getting a haircut, purchasing safety gear and more, we are arming them with the right tools for job preparation. Meanwhile it builds their self-esteem while giving them the confidence to face a potentially daunting job interview or to commence employment.”

Jordan Barrows is a participant of IMPACT who has already attended Riquita’s and says it is a great start to getting ready. “I really needed a haircut and when Milly, my support worker, organised my appointment it was great news. Straight up I felt better about myself and it’s one less thing to worry about on the job search journey, it’s the little things that help a lot, thanks Matt and everyone at IMPACT,” Jordan said.

IMPACT has a range of employment services to help people at all levels of job search. IMPACT is a provider of the jobactive initiative, Disability Employment Services and the Transition to Work program for 15 to 21 year olds. 

Britney's Time to Shine

Britney commenced with our Transition to Work (TtW) program in March this year and she has not looked back. "This program really suited my needs and of course I love coming in to see Sam as well," Britney said. "I was not getting anywhere on my own, I couldn't find the work I wanted and needed some help. I've only been with Tranisition to Work for 6 weeks but already I feel more confident. I am completing my studies in business administration and now know what prospects are available for me in the future." 

Britney had gained limited retail sales experience, and had not completed any of her studies. Her motivation and lack of self esteem were holding her back. Since March, Britney has eagerly participated with TtW, has re–enrolled in her studies through TAFE Qld, is attending weekly appointments, participating in TtW activities and working diligently to build on her skill base.

Because of the unwavering support that Britney receives from her Youth Transition Worker Sam, she now has the confidence to approach potential employers through both her own job searching efforts, and those vacancies referred to her via the TtW team.

Britney has prospered with the weekly appointment scheduling and has conveyed how much this assists with building her confidence, by providing continuity of support and reassurance, and allows for any potential barriers to be identified and managed quickly and effectively. TtW provides the opportunity for profound client servicing, preventing many potential barriers from escalating and reduces the risk of a pattern of disengagement and isolation.  The weekly appointment schedule also provides the space and time for positive relationships to be built between Sam and Britney.

Britney’s re engagement at TAFE has been positive and successful, and together with TtW (and Sam’s support), she has been able to develop skills in time management and prioritisation which she says has contributed to her being ahead of her study workload. Britney is currently in the process of applying to complete a Certificate III in Business Administration, to be completed over six weeks in conjunction with her other commitments. 

Ongoing support has helped Britney to realise her potential, feel confident in herself and thrive in her ability to set goals for herself. She is now proving daily that she is capable of achieving anything she sets her mind to.