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Surprising Stories

Shaun Steps it up a Notch

Shaun has been a valued tutor with our SEE program, Skills for Education and Employment, for just over four months and now as he embarks on his own university journey he wanted to share how he has enjoyed his time at IMPACT.

"In my short time at IMPACT I’ve seen some amazing outcomes. This program builds people up, gives them confidence and then they move on to better things. I highly recommend volunteering in the SEE program. I’m sorry to be leaving," he said.

Shaun has recently been accepted into CQUniversity's STEPS program where he will look at doing a Bachelor of Information Technology. Good luck with your new adventure Shaun and thank you for all your help at IMPACT.

Friendly rewards - Community Visitors

Alina Bonaventura's father passed away when she was just 15. Alina's dad had always wanted her to go to university. However, it wasn't until 10 years after he passed that Alina had the confidence to commence a STEPS course at CQUniversity. However, Alina suffered from a physical health condition and was often plagued with feelings of hopelessness and a sense that she could not go on.

Through being a volunteer with the Community Visitors Scheme, Alina met Bob. It was Bob who told her that she must never give up and he gave her a poem called "Don't Quit". Alina kept this poem on her at all times, and when things got tough at university, or other life challenges surfaced, she would get the poem out and read it. This gave her the strength to keep going. She has now gone on to complete her degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and is also completing her honours in creative writing and working at the university assisting students. Alina said she gained great inspiration from Bob, as she did from the words in the poem.

When Alina commenced as a community visitor in 2002, she expected she would be "the giver". However, Alina soon realised that she was given the biggest rewards and she will always be very thankful for what Bob has done for her. This story is a beautiful example of the two-way benefit for the resident and visitor, and a real testament to the mutual benefits of volunteering.