How developing wellbeing and resilience can bolster employment opportunities

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Understanding wellbeing and resilience is not only a key part of overcoming challenges in your personal life, but also when it comes to finding and maintaining employment.

And that’s exactly what IMPACT Community Services’ new program WORKFit is dedicated to in the ADAPTABLE stage.

WORKFIT is a free and voluntary program comprising of 4 stages, each designed to overcome barriers and help individuals achieve their goals.

ADAPTABLE Mentor Jonathan Bailey said the course was about empowering people to take control of their lives.  

He said resilience wasn’t something that people were born with, nor was it a personality trait – which meant people eager to empower themselves could learn and develop this skill.

For Jonathan, resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity, to grow and thrive in the face of challenges and the ability to move forward when there is an opportunity.

Positive wellbeing is a crucial element to long-lasting resilience. He said the two went hand-in-hand to promote a healthier lifestyle aligned to your values and interests.

With a focus on wellbeing and interaction, Jonathan said over several modules, ADAPTABLE would cover the various facets of wellbeing, resilient practices to overcome roadblocks – whether they be from external or internal factors, workplace applicability – and when to put these skills into motion.

Jonathan said there could be various reasons people may be hesitant looking for a job; they may have had a difficult experience in the past, perhaps they’ve been met with rejection after rejection or maybe they’ve never had a job before and are anxious about what it would involve.

He said not only was improved wellbeing important when looking for work, but once you found a job that worked for you, it could increase your self-esteem and general mental health.

Jonathan said the program was client based to ensure each individual could be supported in the best way possible.

All our WORKFit services can be used in conjunction with other local employment providers for anyone who requires a little extra support.

These programs are available to residents in receipt of benefit. To find out more phone the WORKFit team on 0459 860 928.  

CoAct has announced the winners of their Quarter 1 Reward & Recognition program and IMPACT’s very own Angela Bridge has taken out an individual award!

Angela is a JobActive In-Work Support Officer whose dedication to supporting others is part of the reason she thrives in her role.

Finding her work rewarding alone, she was speechless when she discovered she’s won.

IMPACT Community Services JobActive In-Work Support Officer Angela Bridge

Angela said Employment Services Manager David Maxey-Fisher called her into his office for what she thought was to help him with his computer.

“I sat at David’s computer ready to assist and he told me to have a read of an email on his screen,” she said.

“I started reading and read Individual winner - nominated by a colleague – Winner Angela Bridge, my mouth fell open and I was speechless.

“I really didn’t know what to say.”

In her role Angela mentors people who are in work and try to coach them through the rough patches.

“It can be extremely rewarding to see someone gain work and do well in their role,” she said.

“Even more rewarding is hearing years down the track that a past client is still working with the employer that I mentored them with when they first started.”

Discussing the importance of the support services IMPACT provides, Angela said she believes everyone needs a helping hand at some point in life.

“IMPACT is there for people when they need it the most, we treat our clients like people and not just another number or stat,” she said.

“IMPACT understand that life happens and sometimes it’s not as easy as we think.

“The services IMPACT offer are in demand more than ever before with COVID making people feel more alone and Mental Health suffering as a result.

“Staff treat their clients with respect, dignity and compassion as well as each other.”

This year is Angela’s 11th year at IMPACT!

She first started at IMPACT as a Trainee in Front Office and then moved up to Employment Services having several roles along the way.

“IMPACT has taught me a lot about life and myself, for that I’m grateful,” she said.

Angela will now be in with a chance of becoming CoAct’s overall winner for the year!

Congratulations Angela, we’re incredibly proud of you and all the work you do.

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