Talented artist turns to manga to battle anxiety demons

Last updated: 05/02/2020

Talented artist turns to manga to battle anxiety demons

When Rebecca McPherson was battling her own anxiety demons, IMPACT Community Services was there for her.

Now the talented artist is helping others express themselves and explore different aspects of their personalities through the Japanese style of artistic storytelling, manga.

Rebecca, or Bec as she is affectionately known, runs manga art classes for NDIS participants at IMPACT on Wednesdays.

Talented artist turns to manga to battle anxiety demons

These classes are just one of IMPACT’s wide range of creative group programs available to those on the NDIS.

For Bec the creative genre of manga cartooning was a pathway to expressing herself as she struggled with depression and anxiety.

She said as a youth she had a skin condition which kept her from venturing outdoors.  Stuck indoors, she soon discovered the power of art.

“It’s been great for my mental health,” Bec said.

“I came to IMPACT as part of the Cooee program.

“I would sit in a room and not talk to anyone.  Then I found my drawings and I’m far more confident.”

She said her passion for cartooning originated from watching television shows like Pokemon and Sailor Moon.

“I’ve been teaching for about six years,” Bec said.

“This activity is great for all ages and caters for all drawing abilities from beginners to advanced.”

She said she took a lot of satisfaction from watching students build their confidence through art.

Bec teaches class participants the skills to create their own stories and characters.

“This is a fantastic activity to support mental wellness and stimulate your imagination,” Bec said.

“It also really helps bring together a group of people.

“Some of my students have forged great friendships.”

As well as teaching, Bec also runs her own business, Bexylum Art, which focuses on manga.

For more information call 4153 4233.

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