Tiffany finds her way to a new caring career

Last updated: 17/12/2020

Tiffany finds her way to a new caring career

IMPACT Community Services Trainee secures employment while still completing her Disability course

Tiffany Kelly began her training course at IMPACT Community Services with hopes of finding a career in disability support, but had no idea how quickly her dreams would become reality.

Tiffany is about to complete her CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) at IMPACT and has managed to secure a job with Local Personalised Services (LPS), a provider of community support services to people living with a disability.

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Tiffany finds her way to a new caring careerTiffany said she was excited at the prospect of working with such a great organisation.

“Our trainer Elise said they were hiring three people,” she said, “so I went down there and they signed me up. It's casual to begin with but after three months (there is) the option of continuing on a more permanent and regular basis.”

Like many others, Tiffany became interested in disability support through personal experience. She has extended family members with a disability, one on the autism spectrum and one with cerebral palsy which has provided her with a unique insight into the challenges they face.

She would watch how their mother cared for them with great interest and would help when she could.

Tiffany is enjoying her training, making several good friends among the 19 other students and has one close friend who has maintained contact outside the course.

“The staff are really good and very helpful, very approachable about any difficulties you're having and how to find the right info,” she said.

Tiffany, a young mother of two, said she benefited from being able to study in the classroom with face-to-face interaction with Elise as well as the e-learning supports provided. She said having sessions recorded and available for review was beneficial.

“I just find it easier,” Tiffany said.

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She's looking forward to her new career and helping her clients find their place in the world.

“I get to help them lead fulfilling lives and see they can be doing the things that everybody else does,” she said.

IMPACT Community Services is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code: 0115) and does not guarantee employment with LPS or any organisation

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