Work/life balance and a meaningful job called Juanita to IMPACT

Last updated: 24/08/2020

Work/life balance and a meaningful job called Juanita to IMPACT

Aligned ethics, values and great benefits are just some of reasons why well-travelled Finance Manager Juanita Farley chose IMPACT Community Services as her next employer


You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. At least that’s the lived experience of IMPACT Community Services’ new Finance Manager Juanita Farley.

Juanita brings a mountain of experience to her new role at IMPACT from a wide variety of jobs both around Australia and the world. Judging by her first six weeks working for the organisation, she said she is settling in nicely to her collaborative and supportive surroundings.

Work/life balance and a meaningful job called Juanita to IMPACT

“I’ve done quite a lot of things, both in Australia and overseas, and I have background experience in lots of different industries,” she said.

“But IMPACT is the first employer I’ve ever had who took the time to make sure we were the right fit for one another by hosting a Teams meeting with other staff before taking the position.”

Careers with IMPACT

Born and raised in the inland town of Biggenden, Juanita set her sights on big city lights when she moved away at age 18. She decided to move to London for six months – which quickly turned into six years.

Since then, working in oil and gas, mining, financial services and not-for-profit industries have made up just some of the feathers in Juanita’s hat, and moving back to the small city of Brisbane after living the high life in the Big Smoke seemed a somewhat daunting task.

Juanita thought she would struggle living in such a small city again, but after settling in to BrisVegas, even that became too big for her.

“My motivation was to come back to grassroots, be closer to family and I was also attracted to the healthier and more relaxed lifestyle,” she said. “I just became sick of the hustle and bustle of city life and found myself wanting to slow it down and keep life simple.”

What resonated with Juanita were her aligned core values with IMPACT.

“IMPACT is a not-for-profit organisation, and the feeling of actually making a difference in people’s lives really does make work more meaningful,” she said. “Also, the flexibility was attractive and the employee benefits that come with working for public benevolent institution.

“The other thing I found appealing is the fact IMPACT will pay you for 2 hours a month to volunteer for another charity.”

Reward yourself, volunteer with IMPACT

The role of Finance Manager is a perfect balance for Juanita who gets to juggle the black and white of accounting with the diversity of managing industry and culture.

“Everyone seems lovely, very supportive, and it just seems like a very nice working environment. Very collaborative and supportive,” Juanita said.

Other than work, Juanita is loving the short 12-minute commute from Bargara and can easily drop her daughter off at St Luke’s on the way in.

“Bargara is just magical,” she said.

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