Making an IMPACT - Tanya O'Shea named as finalist for Not-For-Profit Leadership Award

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Last updated: 15/06/2023

IMPACT Community Services’ Managing Director Tanya O'Shea is garnering national attention as she emerges as one of the finalists in the inaugural Not-For-Profit Leadership Awards. Mrs O’Shea stands out as a contender in the Outstanding Leader category, with the winner being announced at a ceremony in Sydney tonight.

For over two decades, Mrs O'Shea has been dedicated to providing essential services through IMPACT, catering to individuals facing disadvantage, poverty, or exclusion. As the driving force behind IMPACT, she leads a dynamic team that delivers training and employment opportunities, disability services, mental health support, and socially innovative business solutions. Her exceptional leadership and management skills have paved the way for the organisation's success.

In addition to her role at IMPACT, Mrs O'Shea has established WellCalm Leaders, a mentoring practice focused on empowering other leaders to unlock their full potential while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. She is deeply committed to supporting individuals in achieving personal and professional success.

Reflecting on her own journey, Mrs O'Shea recognises the pivotal role that belief played in her leadership development and sense of belonging. As the Managing Director of a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting vulnerable individuals in one of Australia's most disadvantaged regional communities, she considers it her duty to help others discover that same sense of belonging and self-assurance.

“It wasn't until someone truly believed in me that I discovered my leadership purpose and sense of belonging,” she said.

"I firmly believe that fostering an inclusive workplace culture is not just a goal but a responsibility. By prioritising self-care, knowledge sharing, and personal growth, we empower our staff to serve others with enhanced dedication and compassion. Our holistic approach, including self-care plans, Thought Code profiles, and 1:1 StaffConnect sessions, ensures that our team members are equipped to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals in our regional communities."

"I am deeply honoured to stand among fellow finalists who share a common goal of creating positive change and uplifting lives across all corners of our society."

Mrs O’Shea said she was delighted to see the Not For Profit Leadership Awards acknowledging the vital work of community services providers in regional areas.

“The recognition of these awards extends beyond urban centres and encompasses the remarkable efforts made by organisations serving both regional and metropolitan areas alike,” she said.

The finalists undergo peer evaluation and assessment based on the overall merit of their contributions to the sector. The Not-For-Profit Leadership Awards serve as a platform to recognise and honour the exceptional efforts of those who strive to create a better future for communities across Australia.

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