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WORKFit’s ultimate goal is to provide you with the tools to independently develop your skills and improve your employability. This flexible program enables you to enter at any stage, depending on your needs. For example, you can jump straight to JOBScan if employment is your immediate goal.

Our WORKFit program provides one-on-one support and 12 months access to a range of external support for resilience, online learning and resume creation to give you the confidence to progress in your job-seeking journey.

This new model comprises of 4 stages, each designed to overcome barriers and help individuals achieve their goals



ADAPTABLE is a new and exciting program that delivers resilience training to people looking to identify and develop their inner strengths.
Jobseekers can now benefit from a resilience-building based program that will promote well-being and empower them to navigate the job search landscape and deal with the challenges of a new job.

Over a period you will boost self-resilience through learning how to:

  • Maintain your wellbeing during change and job seeking for work
  • Overcome employment pathway roadblocks
  • Develop communication and job finding skills
  • Overcome job interview fears, understand the preparation process
  • Build resilience and get work ready
  • Put your new skills into practice and look to the future

During the program and after completion you will have 12 months access to your very own resilience coach who will provide you with the tools to build better resilience, combat everyday stress and develop personal skills.

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JOBGym is a course to identify and learn skills with specific emphasis on teaching you “soft skills” such as customer service, conflict resolution, presentation & communication. Your coach will help identify a range of short courses and credentials to build skills and get ahead in the next role you apply for.

By participating in JOBGym, you will have full access to the GO1 online learning platform. This provides you with access to content across numerous topics for you to explore personal interests, giving you the confidence and the ability to undertake employment courses.
JOBGym is about giving you the skills and tools to keep learning.

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JOBScan uses digital algorithms to rate and review your resume against the job you are applying for. Within a matter of seconds, this technology provides suggestions on how to improve your resume.

With the help of your own Digital Coach, you can optimise your cover letter and resume , improving your chance of getting an interview.

There is no limit to the number of times you can scan your resume, each time enabling you the opportunity to enhance your application.

By participating in JOBScan you will have 12 months access to this advanced technology as well as the personalised support by our Digital Coach to help guide you through the process.

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JOBHelp seeks to support those who are employed maintain their position in the workforce.

Our employment retention mentor provides in-work support to navigate your role by:

  • •Understanding your workplace paperwork, policies and procedures
  • Connecting to other local community supports
  • Support communicating with your employer (with your permission)
  • Mentoring and coaching with matters that affect your performance during work

Our mentors can help you solve problems and develop the skills and strategies to succeed in your role.

All our WORKFit services can be used in conjunction with other local employment providers for anyone who requires a little extra support.

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