Classroom online delivery no barrier to IMPACT's latest group of trainees

Last updated: 23/06/2020

Classroom online delivery no barrier to IMPACT's latest group of trainees

If you ask Elise Cottam how the training is progressing at IMPACT Community Services now that we're in a virtual live online classroom, she has a one-word response: FANTASTIC!

Elise is a few weeks into the current CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability) course with 25 eager and committed students and she couldn't be happier about how the course is progressing.

She is encouraging others to sign up to IMPACT’s upcoming SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality SIT30616 course, which starts on Monday, June 29. The trainer Wendy Carter is excited about training students again, now that the hospitality industry has started to re-open for business.

“We moved into delivering training via Microsoft Teams and I was a bit worried in the beginning about creating the same atmosphere online as we did face-to-face, but it has all worked out well,” Elise explains.

Part of that success is their passion for teaching and the easy channels of communication IMPACT trainers strive to maintain.

“It took some practice but we've created a great environment on-line,” Elise said.

“Students interact with the trainer and each other in a virtual setting every day, just as they would in the physical classroom.”

To get around the often awkward pauses and people talking over each other that often happens in online meetings, Elise's students make use of a buzzer so she knows who wants to speak so there's no confusion or a chorus of competing voices.

“One thing IMPACT trainers have learned in these challenging times of COVID-19 is that you have to be flexible and adaptable, and have a very fast response time to new circumstances,” Elise said.

“You have to make it a living thing. “You've gotta be real and make it fun.”

If you want to register for the upcoming Hospitality course call 4153 4233 or email

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