'Jackpot': Volunteer and IMPACT make for perfect match

Last updated: 20/05/2020

'Jackpot': Volunteer and IMPACT make for perfect match

Volunteer Tony Cartledge says he hit the jackpot the day he took a chance and contacted IMPACT Community Services.

Tony is one of IMPACT’s volunteers.  He describes the work he does “like the perfect job”. 

Tony is IMPACT's volunteer content writer; a valuable member of the Marketing and Communications team. And it seems the arrangement is a match made in heaven.

With the spotlight on the generous contribution of volunteers across the country for National Volunteers Week, IMPACT’s Innovation General Manager Nathan Spruce said it was amazing what could happen when people were open to thinking outside the box.

Tony’s gift with the written word is helping breathe new life into IMPACT’s story telling capacity and ability to let people in the community know about the life-changing programs the organisation runs.

Tony said it all started when he had to organise his own mutual obligation volunteer position.

Rather than doing what everyone else was doing, he wanted to make use of his skills as a writer, honed at the NewsMail as an advertising features writer and sub-editor and also as a published author and aspiring novelist.

He said he hit the jackpot on the first try.

“I emailed IMPACT and got a call from Nathan almost straight away,” Tony said.

“They were expanding the use of original content and needed someone exactly like me.

“It's great work, and right up my alley. I basically talk to staff and clients and help them tell their fascinating stories and how IMPACT is transforming their lives.

“And it's especially meaningful knowing all the good work that IMPACT does in the community.”

Tony writes most of the blog posts on IMPACT’s website and the social media posts.

Tony has done volunteering before, at the Bundaberg Tourism Information Centre, but he said this position was the perfect combination of the use of his individual skills and the best use he feels he could make of them.

Mr Spruce said it was a win-win being able to match someone with the skills and experience with a position that helped the organisation.

He said volunteers brought great benefits to organisations and the broader community.

“We are so pleased that Tony reached out to us and we’re able to utilise the skills he has and harbour the passion he brings,” Mr Spruce said.

“We feel there’s a real sense of purpose in everything Tony does and he is highly regarded as an important part of our team.”

If you want to volunteer with IMPACT call 4153 4233.

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