Episode 1 - Navigating Mental Wellbeing

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Last updated: 10/07/2023

Understanding, Disrupting Patterns, and Achieving Flourishing

In this captivating podcast, join our hosts Tanya and Kate as they delve into the complex and timely topic of mental wellbeing. Coming out of the challenging times of COVID and facing various crises, many individuals are struggling with their mental health. However, mental wellbeing is not always easily understood or visible. Through insightful conversations, Tanya and Kate explore what mental wellbeing truly means and how it can be nurtured.

Drawing from their experiences at Impact, they discuss the use of simple scales, such as the flourishing scale, to understand and articulate mental wellbeing. They shed light on the importance of connections and purposeful living, emphasising the impact of social relationships, personal competence, and optimism for the future.

The hosts also examine the role of technology in mental wellbeing, acknowledging its potential to both hinder and support flourishing. They explore the detrimental effects of doomscrolling and offer practical strategies to regain control, such as disrupting patterns and engaging in digital detox. Small changes can make a significant difference in breaking free from negative loops and reclaiming agency over our lives.

With the aim of helping listeners move towards a state of flourishing, Kate and Tanya delve into the concept itself. They delve into the research that shows only a small percentage of individuals are flourishing, while a larger portion languish. The hosts passionately discuss practical steps that can be taken daily to enhance mental wellbeing and step into a flourishing state.

Join Kate and Tanya on this transformative podcast journey as they empower listeners to understand their mental wellbeing, disrupt harmful patterns, and navigate the path towards flourishing. Take control and prioritise your mental health to live your best life. Thank you for listening to this episode of "Stronger Together" We hope you enjoyed the conversation and gained valuable insights.

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