Money Matters: Women's Road to Financial Independence since the 50's

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Last updated: 08/05/2024

Discover how gender roles and financial strategies intersect in the latest episode of the "Stronger Together" podcast, hosted by Tanya O'Shea from IMPACT Community Services, featuring expert financial advisor Ben Neilson. This episode, explores the dynamic shifts in financial planning and gender roles through insightful discussions and practical advice. 

In this enlightening episode, Ben shares his expert insights on navigating financial planning within the context of evolving gender roles. Listeners will delve into the crucial aspects of financial independence, understanding the significant impact that equitable financial planning can have on relationships and societal structures. The conversation highlights the importance of involving both partners in financial decisions, dismantling traditional gender roles, and adopting inclusive strategies that empower individuals regardless of gender.

Explore a variety of topics including how to foster financial cooperation in relationships, the role of financial education in achieving gender parity, and practical tips for managing finances in a way that supports equality and mutual respect. This episode is essential listening for anyone interested in integrating principles of equality into their financial practices, making informed decisions that benefit all parties, and contributing to broader societal progress.

Tune into "Stronger Together" for a comprehensive guide on using financial tools to create a more equitable and supportive environment for all. Discover how changing your financial habits can lead to greater personal and communal prosperity.

Please note: This website may contain references to, or feature images, videos, and voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have passed away.

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