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Stronger Together Monthly Podcast Series

Welcome to Stronger Together, a compelling podcast series presented by Impact Community Services. I'm Tanya O'Shea, Impact's managing director, bringing my expertise in psychology, while I'm joined by Kate Buckland, our communications officer, with over two decades of experience as a journalist and communications professional.

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During our time in the community services sector, we have witnessed the transformative power of meaningful support and services within communities. At Impact, we are dedicated to improving lives, and in this podcast, we tackle a diverse range of topics that impact our overall health and well-being, discussing the challenges we all face in today's social climate.

Join us for monthly episodes where we delve into significant issues like mental health, physical wellness, parenting, unemployment, self-care, and living life on your own terms. By subscribing, you'll be part of our engaging conversations aimed at shattering barriers, igniting action, and fostering a vibrant sense of community and understanding. Remember, we're stronger together, and we can't wait to chat with you.

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Episode 4 - Unmasked : Domestic and Family Violence, how we can make changes

Welcome to "Stronger Together", a transformative podcast experience that delves deep into the fabric of community wellbeing and individual resilience. Hosted by Tanya O'Shea, Managing Director of IMPACT with a bachelor's degree in psychology, and Kate Rumballe, IMPACT's Communications Officer with over two decades of experience as a journalist and communications professional. This series is […]

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Episode 3 - MENTAL HEALTH Peer Support Workers - Bridging Gaps, Building Bridges

Host Tanya O'Shea challenges organisations, mental health experts, and community leaders. It's not just about recognising mental health issues; it's about taking action against the growing crisis.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Women's mental health and the lipstick effect

"STRONGER TOGETHER" is a weekly column where Tanya explores key issues. This week Tanya discusses Liptember and how 'the lipstick effect' drives the agenda on women's mental health. By IMPACT Community Services Managing Director Tanya O'Shea It’s amazing the power that something as simple as a bright shade of lipstick can hold. I recently read an article […]

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Where we start matters

Within the walls of our own households, we've been presented with a golden opportunity to be fully present, to truly listen, and to lay the foundation for our children's futures.

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