How skills in hospitality can help satisfy appetite for travel

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Now that borders are opening up all over the world, IMPACT Community Services has the perfect solution to help you work your way across Australia and the globe.

IMPACT's new hospitality trainer, Leigh Francis, believes that work in hospitality is the perfect way to finance travel to fascinating cultures and the world's top tourist spots.

And our next SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality course is just around the corner.

“I worked my way through England and Europe when I was younger, working in bars and restaurants,” Leigh said.

“It's the perfect way to fund your wanderlust.

“And let's face it, everyone's loves an Aussie behind the bar!”

Leigh believes work in hospitality is the most portable job there is, for no matter what the culture, everybody has to eat and drink.

“You can work in fabulous resorts, tropical islands, even aboard luxury yachts,” Leigh said.

She encourages everyone to travel and this is the best way to do it, but advises for people to begin close to home, as, in her opinion, “our backyard is the best”.

IMPACT's Certificate III in Hospitality (SIT30616) will teach you everything you need to know about the hospitality industry and how to get the best out of the tourism industry.

The course has a cookery unit, a customer service unit, a coffee service unit and at the end you will also have RSA certification that will allow you to work anywhere in Australia.

And Leigh is eminently qualified to set you off on your journey.

Leigh spent seven years teaching hospitality and also working as front of house manager at the cafe at the Tom Quinn Centre. She has also worked at the RSL, Across the Waves, an Alice Springs casino and taught at TAFE.

Leigh believes now that all the borders are open, the hospitality industry is ready to renormalise after the disruptions of the COVID pandemic.

Venues had to close, or had to let go staff and couldn't replace them. But she believes all that is about to change.

There might even be stiff competition for hospitality jobs and those with the better training and credentials will have a leg up.

“You have great fun meeting people,” she said.

“It's the ultimate people-person job.”

So if working in hospitality floats your boat, let us help you set sail on it on a grand journey across the globe.

IMPACT is taking new students in May. For more information phone 4153 4233 or visit the Certificate III in Hospitality page.

IMPACT Community Services is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code: 0115).

New Hospitality trainer and assessor Jasmyne Larter is helping people transform their lives at IMPACT.

IMPACT Community Services' Hospitality Trainer Jasmyne Larter
IMPACT Community Services' Hospitality Trainer Jasmyne Larter

Jasmyne is a chef by trade, and has owned and run two cafes, making her perfectly suited as a hospitality trainer and assessor with IMPACT, which is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO code: 0115).

Jasmyne fears we're in danger of becoming a lazy order-in society when it comes to food, and that is why she focuses on teaching good customer service.

“You remember bad service, but you also remember good service,” Jasmyne said.

“If you know you're going to be treated well, you'll make the effort to go out.”

Jasmyne said the secret to good customer service included confidence.

“Confidence is so important,” she said.

“But you also have to be willing to learn how to relate to people.”

Already two of Jasmyne’s students, who've grown considerably in confidence and learned the magic of connecting to people, have found employment.

“And it's fantastic how IMPACT staff all pitched in to help with writing resumes, and now they've both gotten jobs,” she said.

Jasmyne said it was vital to teach students how to treat people with respect and courtesy to help create the right atmosphere.

And she loves the way the course brings people out of their shells.

“It only takes a little encouragement to transform someone into a confident service person,” she said.

“Anyone can make a cup of coffee or serve a piece of cake, but it's all about learning how you make people feel.”

Funding support is available for the Certificate III course for eligible participants. Find out more about IMPACT’s hospitality course by calling 4153 4233 or going to https://impact.org.au/employment-training/certificate-iii-training-courses/certificate-iii-hospitality-2/

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