Child & Youth program

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Child & Youth program

Available in Discovery Coast, North Burnett & Bundaberg

The Child and Youth Enhanced Primary Mental Health Program (CYCC) at IMPACT Community Services specialises in helping children and young people aged between 12-25 years of age who are suffering from mental illness in the Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast PHN areas of Bundaberg, Agnes Water and North Burnett.

We are inclusive and individualised

Our approach to treatment and recovery considers a person’s life story or pathway that has led them to the current experience or predicament. Our programs and treatments are relevant to the individual and designed with their input. We are accountable for the services and treatments we offer and deliver and ensure follow up is appropriate. We are considerate of the distress and trauma experienced by many parents, carers and persons experiencing mental health problems and approach our work with compassion.

We are collaborative

Our work with parents, caregivers and families is integral and, in some cases, the primary intervention recommended. Our responsibility in shared partnerships sees us as one partner in the network of professionals involving care and including non- health partners when required. Our treatments and programs are delivered by skilled professionals from many disciplines who are connected and who take a shared approach to care. We link with young people and families and include them in decisions about treatment.

We take a community first approach

Wherever possible, young people receive care in the community setting. If hospital admission is required, follow up care is planned and delivered in the community. In keeping with our recovery orientation, we aim to enhance the capacity of young people and their carers to cope and thrive without ongoing need for professional assistance. We meet our responsibility to provide service as close to home as possible in communities across our region; within our resource and funding limitations.


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Referral Pathways

Adult Mental Health, CYMHS & Headspace referrals are welcome at IMPACT, for all other referrals please contact PHN.

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Need help now?

Domestic Violence Services

How to report a DFV incident Visit Police Website, CLICK HERE or for all other domestic violence related matters, phone Policelink on 131 444, 24 hours, 7 days a week .

Family and child safety

  • Child Safety Central Queensland Regional Intake Service (business hours): 1300 703 762 
  • Child Safety (after hours): 1800 177 135
  • Family and Child Connect (FACC) 13 32 64 to share your concerns for families in your community.

Parenting/mental health support

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