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Last updated: 05/02/2020

As a single mum of two young children, Amber-Lee Rossow knows all too well how busy life can get.

There’s little time to spare as Amber-Lee, 25, cares for the needs of her seven-year-old daughter, Ruby-Lee, and young son, Lachlan, who is set to turn one in February.

Sometimes she just needs someone who knows what they’re doing to talk things over with.

And that’s where IMPACT community Services steps in.

Amber-Lee takes part in IMPACT’s Positive Start Parenting program.

Recently she joined a group of six mothers for their graduation from IMPACT’s inaugural 1,2,3 Magic and Emotion Coaching course.

This was a special three-week course where the focus was on helping parents to better understand how to manage their child’s behaviour and their own emotions.

“It was all about learning new ways to cope and how to handle your child’s behaviour,” Amber-Lee explained.

“Being a single mum, things do get busy.

“Sometimes it’s a challenge just to be on time for everything and you have to do it all yourself.

“As a single mum you don’t have someone to talk with about making decisions (regarding your child’s wellbeing).”

She said IMPACT had opened the door to support.

“It’s such a great environment here,” Amber-Lee said.

“It’s so good being able to talk to everyone.  You get ideas from them and away you go from there.”

Amber-Lee plans on returning to the workforce once Lachlan is old enough.

Positive Start support worker Lesley Allen underwent specialised training so she could run the 1,2,3 Magic and Emotion Coaching course.

The recent graduation was a special day for her.

“We did a lot of group discussions and they would have to do their own plans, so there’s homework to do,” Lesley said.

One of the benefits of the course being held at IMPACT is the mothers can focus on the session while their child is safe nearby in the supervised area for children.

The course will be held every second month.

For more information call IMPACT on 4153 4233.

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