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Last updated: 07/12/2023

Pictured from left to right is Hannah & Aria, who have been attending the Positive Start Program, and Dee Cosgrove (midwife).

In the heart of Bundaberg, is a dedicated midwife and registered nurse, whose extensive experience is shaping the way mothers and families experience pregnancy and early parenthood.

Meet Bundy local, Dee Cosgrove.

With a compassionate touch and a wealth of knowledge, Dee is a guiding light for those navigating the beautiful yet challenging journey of pregnancy and childbirth through IMPACT Community Services through Foundations for Life program, as well as at the Bundaberg Base Hospital Family Unit.

“I love working with the mums and bubs and the little families” she said, acknowledging that the journey often involves the entire family.

IMPACT’s Foundations for Life, held every Thursday, is an initiative aimed at enhancing access to high-quality antenatal and postnatal care for vulnerable women under 25 and their partners in the Bundaberg region during pregnancy and for up to 6 weeks post-partum.

Dee understands the importance of quality time and personalised care and appreciates the unique opportunity that Foundations for Life offers.

“It gives me a way to be able to connect and just spend more quality time with the ladies.”

The program goes beyond addressing the physical aspects of childbirth, encompassing tailored support and education, and fostering collaborative partnerships.

She captured the essence of her work with a profound statement that reflects the holistic nature of the program as it looks to nurture confident and informed parents: “It’s not just babies that are born, it’s parents that are born as well.”

Dee’s dedication to fostering connections and building confidence among expectant mothers and families reflects the broader goal of IMPACT Community Services — creating healthier and brighter futures for young families.

“It’s just a lovely service, and a privilege to help ladies to connect and become more confident.”

For more information about IMPACT Community Services Foundations for Life program, please visit Foundations For Life - Impact Community Services or call 07 4153 4233.

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