IMPACT Community Services Introduces Diamond Pilates Program for Women's Pelvic Floor Health

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Last updated: 25/01/2024

In a proactive move to address prevalent pelvic floor issues affecting women, IMPACT Community Services is set to launch a transformative six-week Diamond Pilates for Pelvic Floor Strength program.

Pilates instructor Kate Rumballe

The program, designed by physiotherapists, aims to empower women through targeted exercises and education, dispelling common misconceptions surrounding pelvic floor health.

For qualified personal trainer and Pilates instructor Kate Rumballe, the motivation behind launching this program at IMPACT came from real conversations with women facing post-childbirth challenges.

“I remember being shocked to learn that the average woman waits 10 years before seeking help for pelvic floor issues, by which time it is much harder to make a difference through exercise alone.”

She believes this is an opportunity to challenge the way society normalises pelvic floor issues.

“Marketing leads us to believe having a leaky bladder is normal. Leaking when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or do high impact activity is NOT normal, and I get very frustrated with how so many people normalise it. The earlier you act, the easier it is to address.”

Commencing in late January, the six-week program will be available to Positive Start Parenting Program participants.

Weekly sessions will progress from lying down to standing exercises, incorporating low-impact movements and small equipment such as balls, blocks, and bands. Inclusivity is a key focus, with exercises suitable for all ages.

Participants will undergo pre-assessments to ensure suitability, and if any concerns arise, referrals will be made to pelvic floor physiotherapists or general practitioners for further assessment.

Beyond physical exercises, the program integrates education and open discussions about women's health, covering topics such as female anatomy, continence, sex, and self-care.

IMPACT’s program will be a women’s only class, to ensure participants feel safe, comfortable and supported throughout their journey.

“Given that many of our participants were young mums and women who have experienced sexual trauma, we decided that it was more appropriate to make this class female only.”

Kate has previously witnessed the positive transformations this course has brought to individuals dealing with mild to moderate continence issues in the past.

“I have some lovely success stories from people who I have taken through this course in the past.” To learn more about this program, call 1800 179 233, or complete the contact form on the IMPACT Community Services website here.

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