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Popular GP practice to relocate within IMPACT Community Health Precinct as major refurbishment work begins

Shore Care Family Practice, a well-established healthcare provider in the Discovery Coast region, will relocate within the IMPACT Community Health Precinct as a significant refurbishment project begins this month. Shore Care’s relocation from Building 1 to Building 2 represents a significant opportunity for growth and the enhancement of healthcare services for the local GP provider. […]

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STRONGER TOGETHER: The power of why

By asking "why" repeatedly, we delved deeper into the heart of the issue, exploring its root causes and understanding the broader implications.

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Bridging the gap

Adult with intrusive suicidal thoughts failed by mental health services Introduction: This case study examines the experience of a distressed and suicidal adult living in a regional town who faced significant challenges in accessing timely mental health support. The individual eventually sought assistance from IMPACT Community Services. The case study highlights the barriers encountered by […]

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Sweating the small stuff

it’s often not those big moments – the chaos, disappointment, loss, trauma – that tip us over the edge. Those are the moments we often take in our stride, head held high, dignity and confidence in check. Instead, it’s those seemingly insignificant yet irritating moments that send us into a tailspin.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Skilling our youth for success

Employment offers more than just financial stability; it fosters a sense of purpose, personal growth, and self-reliance. Through employment, young people can gain valuable experience, develop crucial skills, expand their networks, build confidence and learn responsibility and discipline in addition to achieving financial independence.

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Episode 2 - Financial Fitness Empowering Individuals

This month, we address the current challenges that many people are facing, such as the rising cost of living and homelessness. Sandy shares practical strategies and tips on managing finances and improving financial fitness. We also discuss the importance of open conversations about money and seeking support from financial counselors.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: conquering decision fatigue in a sea of choices

We make upwards of 35,000 decisions each day. It's no wonder that decision fatigue, that overwhelming feeling when faced with choices, can leave us feeling mentally drained and emotionally exhausted!

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Major recycling award shines spotlight on IMPACT

IMPACT boss praises hard work and dedication of staff after organisation wins major recycling award.

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IMPACT's Dad's Group is empowering Bundy fathers

Group Facilitator Lenny believes the Dad's Group stands as a testament to the power of community and shared experiences. He says that by providing a platform for fathers to come together, learn from one another, and grow as individuals, group makes a lasting impact on the lives of its members.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: The F words leaving us feeling a little frayed at the edges

While job resignations have become common during the pandemic and the "great resignation" trend, their cases go beyond the usual reasons. Something more sinister is leaving them feeling worn-out and unstable.

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IMPACT’s Mental Health Peer Support Workers Provide a Safe Haven for Healing

Beyond the enriching conversations, the group fosters a sense of community through engaging activities that spark joy and connection. Participants indulge in friendly games, relish in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and savour the delectable treats lovingly baked by Luke and Kaelene.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Thriving as an empath

It may sound a little woo woo to some, however I actively create an invisible shield around me, particularly in the company of people who leave me feeling depleted. Imagine it locking in around you, blocking out all the negative energy that may be coming your way in that moment. Other strategies include taking notice of any changes in mood or physical state when around another person and checking in with yourself to gauge whether the symptom or emotion is yours of the other person’s.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Nurturing Wellbeing in challenging times

While the challenges faced today by many, and especially by young people, are undeniably daunting, we must remember that collective action and support can make a difference.

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Outstanding Leader Award goes to... Tanya O'Shea!

This prestigious accolade highlights Mrs O’Shea’s remarkable contributions to empowering communities and driving positive change.

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Making an IMPACT - Tanya O'Shea named as finalist for Not-For-Profit Leadership Award

Reflecting on her own journey, Mrs O'Shea recognises the pivotal role that belief played in her leadership development and sense of belonging. As the Managing Director of a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting vulnerable individuals in one of Australia's most disadvantaged regional communities, she considers it her duty to help others discover that same sense of belonging and self-assurance.

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