IMPACT Community Services’ COVIDSafe Plan

Last updated: 20/05/2020

IMPACT Community Services’ COVIDSafe Plan

IMPACT Community Services is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our workers and all visitors to our sites. To ensure that, we have developed a COVIDSafe Plan. This plan meets the current guidelines as distributed by both the Commonwealth and State Governments.

Managers and workers are all responsible for implementing this plan. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our workplaces for the protection of our Staff, Clients and General Public.  This requires the full cooperation among Staff and Management.

Management and workers are responsible for implementing and complying with all aspects of this Plan.

Our responses are summarized under the following headings:

  1. Hand hygiene
  2. Respiratory hygiene
  3. Social Distancing and Reducing Close Contact encounters
  4. Stay home if unwell requirements
  5. Environmental Cleaning
  6. Food hygiene
  7. Additional Risk Assessments for Client Activities
  8. Embargo on non-mandatory face to face training and meetings
  9. Screening of Visitors and random screening of Staff
  10. Travel directives, advice and embargoes
  11. Working from home
  12. Mental Health assistance, Self-Care plans and exceptions
  13. Onsite infection response and protocol
  14. Nominating a Pandemic/Epidemic Officer

For each of these headings IMPACT Community Services has implemented additional procedures or developed other documentation to help Management and Staff implement the practices that will make our sites COVIDSafe.

Examples of documentation to support our COVIDSafe Plan include:

  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Covid-19 Action Matrix
  • Newly developed Pandemic-Epidemic Policy and Pandemic/Epidemic Emergency Management Plan (PEMP)
  • Can I come to work?
  • Client Airborne Screening Checklist

Other responses:

Education. In addition to displaying various posters on a range of hygiene topics we have used both Share Point and email to share educational and safety material with our Staff.

Free Flu vaccination for all Staff.

The Business Continuity Plan was activated, and weekly meetings of the Business Continuity Team have continued for the past few months. This group has helped advise Senior Management on actions and processes that would ensure that IMPACT Community Services would successfully navigate this pandemic and make it through to the other side while continuing to safely serve the local community.

The Covid-19 Response Committee in the early stages met everyday to make sure we remained ahead of the curve and were not only following Government Health Directives but were additionally using the best information available to keep Staff, Clients and Visitors to our sites as safe as possible.

Members of the Executive Management Group has actively participated in the meetings of both the Business Continuity Team and the Covid-19 Response Committee to gather the collective wisdom of as many advisors to ensure they were acting with the best information available at the time.

Executive Management have made sure that the Board have been informed of the ongoing responses IMPACT Community Services have made to the health risks posed by the Covid-19 virus.

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