IMPACT Community Services named as Inclusive Employer for 2022-2023

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Last updated: 14/11/2022

IMPACT Community Services has been recognised as an inclusive Employer by Diversity Council Australia (DCA).

We want IMPACT to be a place where every single employee feels safe, valued and included, and that means continually working on making our offices and sites an inclusive environment where everyone is accepted.

We invited our staff to take part in an Inclusion@Work survey, provided by DCA as part of their assessment process, to evaluate their views of equality and diversity at IMPACT. Through the assessment process, we scored higher than the average Australian workforce score almost across the board in a range of categories where gaps in equality and diversity are known to exist.

As an organisation, equality and diversity is a priority for us. Inclusivity is much more than just a buzz word or a feel-good exercise; it’s something real and tangible that we’ll continue striving towards. We know that now isn’t the time for complacency, but to keep moving forward.

An inclusive environment happens when everyone in the workplace is respected, connected, progressing and contributing to organisational success. We’d like to thank each and every member of our team, because it’s through their actions and behaviours that staff feel respected, connected and believe that they have the opportunity to progress and contribute.

This is exactly what we will continue to foster at IMPACT so all staff can feel happy, safe and included while at work.

Lisa Annese, CEO of Diversity Council Australia, says: “Our Inclusive Employer Index is rigorous, it is not an award, it is a way to measure the work of inclusion in employers in a robust way. Those who have been recognised today are doing the work of diversity and inclusion and making progress on greater inclusion.”

What we're doing well

  • 94% of survey respondents support IMPACT taking action to create a diverse and inclusive workplace (Australian workplace average is 77%)
  • 79% of respondents believe our top leaders demonstrate a visible commitment to diversity and inclusion (Australian workplace average is 63%)
  • 85% of respondents agree they have the same opportunities as anyone else of similar ability and experience, regardless of age, culture/ethnicity, disability, gender, Indigenous background or sexual orientation (Australian workplace average is 73%)
  • 87% of respondents feel connected and part of a team (Australian workplace average is 77%)

Please note: This website may contain references to, or feature images, videos, and voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have passed away.

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