Get Set for Work: Tiana overcomes setback to land job

Last updated: 20/04/2020

Get Set for Work: Tiana overcomes setback to land job

Being a young mum, Tiana Paulsen wanted to be a good role model for her now three-year-old daughter, so this meant trying to build her employability skills up so she could find the right job.

Tiana joined IMPACT Community Services' Get Set for Work program to obtain some extra support and fine-tune her skills to improve the chances of employment.

Tiana worked with IMPACT's youth support team to gain extra skills on things like approaching employers, how to do online applications correctly, what’s required for a good resume and job interview tips.

Tiana then went out on several resume drops to build up her confidence in talking with employers.

All was going well until about a month after joining GSFW when Tiana faced a negative situation where she encountered racism while applying for work. This severely shook Tiana’s confidence and she was worried that she’d never find a job, unsure whether an employer would give her a go.

The Get Set for Work youth worker assisted Tiana in getting back out there by giving her some confidence boosting and assisting her with applications.

Within four weeks of that negative situation, Tiana had scored an interview with a local supermarket and two weeks later, she had her first shift with them.

Today, Tiana is still employed at that supermarket and is preparing for her next challenge, which is getting her driving licence.

Tiana persisted despite the challenges and is well on her way to fulfilling her dream and is the perfect role model for her daughter.

The Get Set for Work program offers an individualised service to eligible people aged 15 to 19 years. It aims to assist with participation in quality training and improvement of employment prospects.

Support includes one-on-one assistance and group activities that contribute to skill development and goal setting.

The program helps youth build effective networks in the community.

If you are aged between 15 and 19, have left school and would like assistance to develop skills for employment.

Get Set for Work is provided thought the Queensland Government's Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative, which delivers a suite of targeted skills and training programs supporting Queenslanders to gain the skills, qualifications and experience needed to enter and stay in the workforce. 

For more information about Get Set for Work call 0436 600 461 or 4153 4233 to check your eligibility.

* This service is still available, although due to COVID-19 has a modified delivery.

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