Working from home: A novel idea for our Tony

Last updated: 09/04/2020

Working from home: A novel idea for our Tony

Tony Cartledge is probably one of the few members of the IMPACT Community Services family for whom the change to working from home was really no change at all.

He ticked all the boxes for a seamless transition to continuing his communications duties from the comfort of his flat.

Working from home: A novel idea for our Tony

Tony has some mobility issues so he rarely went out before the restrictions, and as it turns out, his work and his passion, which is essentially the same thing – writing, makes staying at home very easy.

And he's a confirmed bachelor, so he doesn't have to make the 101 little adjustments and concessions others make.

So staying at home is kind of a dream situation for him.

“I'm a sci-fi nut,” Tony said.

“And when I'm not writing the stories of IMPACT staffers and clients, I'm writing a sci-fi novel about machine intelligence in the near future.

“I've completed a second draft and I'm working on revisions right now for a third. It's called Better Angels, and is about acceptance, what it means to be human, and being the best that we can be.”

He said he was enjoying revisiting his extensive DVD library.

“And I've got a vast DVD sci-fi library which I'm re-discovering, starting with Battlestar Galactica,” Tony said.

“This is not only the best sci-fi series ever made, but one of the finest dramas every made. A close second is Westworld. That one's next.”

Tony is a volunteer content writer and has been talking to a number of staff members who are also working from home and juggling competing priorities.

“Everyone seems to be managing very well,” Mr Cartledge said.

“And it feels friendlier, more intimate, that I'm being invited into people's homes. It's nice.”

With the prospect of working from home extending into the unforeseeable future, Tony feels he's well-equipped for the job.

This is part of our series on IMPACT staff and how they’re adapting to the changing times brought on by COVID-19. Our inspiring staff remain as committed as ever to the delivery of vital services and programs that enable people in the Bundaberg region to Live, Grow and Prosper.

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