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STRONGER TOGETHER: The Paradox of Knowledge—The More We Know, the Less We Know

This week Tanya discusses the concept of the "rethinking cycle", coined by organisational psychologist Adam Grant. It's about acknowledging what we don’t know, irrespective of our expertise on a particular subject, and paves the way for recapturing our childlike curiosity to learn more about the things we don’t know.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Thoughtful Beginnings—Shaping Your Responses for a Purposeful New Year

As we approach the start of a new year, the customary rush to set (often over-) ambitious resolutions can overshadow the transformative potential found in a moment of reflection. Before plunging headlong into the hustle of 2024, let's engage in a thoughtful pause, guided by three simple yet profound questions: What experiences brought joy and fulfilment to you over the last 12 months? What truly energised you? How can you integrate these positive elements into your plans for the coming year?

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Reigniting My Christmas Spark—Navigating Disillusionment and Embracing Kindness

"STRONGER TOGETHER" is a weekly column where Tanya explores key issues. This week Tanya discusses her unfamiliar feelings of being disenchanted, disillusioned, and even disappointed with Christmas, and how a small reminder of the importance of showing kindness to others, reignited her festive spirits.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Navigating the Challenges of Christmas—A Compassionate Perspective

As the festive season approaches, it is with a mix of joy and sensitivity that I reflect on the nuances of Christmas, a time traditionally associated with warmth, togetherness, and celebration. In this reflection, I acknowledge the very real challenges that many individuals and families face during this season, from the burdens of the cost of living to the weight of loneliness that can overshadow the holiday cheer.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Choosing You—Saying No to Others and Yes to Yourself

In a world that often glorifies the word 'yes,' learning to say no has been a transformative journey for me. The turning point came when I was sitting in front of my computer, watching emails continue to drop in, and suddenly feeling an overwhelming tide of emotion rise within me. Not because I was feeling unsafe, unhappy, or unwell. To put it simply, I was drowning in commitments and obligations.

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Foundations for Life: Confident Mums, Happy Bubs

In the heart of Bundaberg, is a dedicated midwife and registered nurse, whose extensive experience is shaping the way mothers and families experience pregnancy and early parenthood.

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Empowering Through Education: A Journey of Resilience and Renewal during Disability Action Week

In 2020, Rick Gill faced a life-altering moment when a serious back injury at work led to severe anxiety and depression. Admitting that "it got pretty bad," Rick, who had experienced the toll of manual labour and management stresses, realised he needed a change. "60-70-hour weeks and I just kept pushing till it ended up […]

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New leader for family mental health service in Hervey Bay

It’s a big period of change for IMPACT Community Services’ Amy Griffiths. As the new Team Leader of IMPACT’s Family Mental Health Support Services (FMHSS) in Hervey Bay, Amy is also looking forward to becoming an Australian citizen and using her skills and experience to help children and families in the region.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Beyond the Blaring Alarm - Reflections on Fear and Compassion

This week Tanya reflects on the unpredictability of life's challenges, discussing fear and compassion, and emphasises the significance of approaching others' responses to fear with empathy and understanding.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: The Power of Presence and Taming the Wandering Mind

Research indicates that, on average, individuals spend nearly half of their waking hours with their minds drifting away from the present task. Contrary to the assumption that daydreaming provides a mental escape leading to contentment, studies show that this mind-wandering is associated with decreased levels of happiness and life satisfaction.

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Episode 6 - Gold Medal Resilience: A conversation with 5 x Olympian Natalie Cook

In our latest podcast episode, we are thrilled to bring you an exclusive conversation with an extraordinary athlete, 5 time Olympian Nat Cook. Known for her remarkable journey in the world of sports, Nat shares invaluable insights that transcend the boundaries of the volleyball court, offering lessons in resilience, determination, and the power of a […]

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Creating kindness through miracle mornings

Often, we consider kindness as something that we share with others, almost like a commodity that is traded or becomes the star of an Instagram feed. But what if we flipped it into something that we did not prioritise sharing on socials, or with others. What if, kindness was celebrated this year, as something that we showed towards ourselves?

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Book Your Appointments Now for the Discovery Coast’s New GP-led Integrated Health Service

IMPACT Community Health Service (ICHS) is excited to announce that residents can now book their appointments online for the opening of its new GP-led Integrated Health Service on Monday, November 13.

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IMPACT Community Services Embraces Expansion of Queensland’s Containers for Change Scheme

Recently honoured as the Small Operator of the Year at the 2023 Changemaker Awards, IMPACT’s dedicated team is all set for a significant expansion of the Containers for Change Scheme. This expansion, effective from November 1, now includes wine and spirit bottles.

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STRONGER TOGETHER: Beyond the Filtered Perfection—Unmasking the Real Lives Behind Social Media

In today's digitally connected world, social media has become a stage where many of us showcase curated versions of our lives. Picturesque vacations, flawless selfies, and tales of unending success often dominate our feeds. However, the truth is that appearances on social media can be profoundly deceiving. Beneath those seemingly perfect lives lie complexities that may never make it to the Instagram grid or the Facebook wall.

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